5 renovation projects to add instant value

Looking to add value to your investment before selling but not sure where to get the most bang for your buck? You’re not alone! Before putting your property on the market or undertaking any renovation projects, check out our top five ways to add the most value to your property!

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1. Paint
Never underestimate the difference a fresh coat of paint can make! This is one of the most cost-effective ways to not only add value to your property, but to make it look new and modern. Our tip? When choosing your new colour palette, go for neutral, cool toned colours to make spaces appear larger. Choosing colours that are not likely to date quickly means you’ll get more life out of your investment.

2. Kitchen upgrade
Although this can be quite expensive, the value a brand new kitchen will add to your property is incomparable. The kitchen is the make or break point for many potential buyers, so if you’re looking to sell for a high price point, ensure the kitchen is up to scratch. We recommend having a look at similar properties in your area to get an idea of what standard is expected. Don’t spend more than you have to on unnecessary features. Remember, you can’t go wrong with adding extra storage, quality finishes and appliances, as well as a fresh, modern style.

3. Bathroom upgrade
The other major make or break point for many buyers is the bathroom. If your bathroom is old and outdated, it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade. Again, go for clean, modern tiles that aren’t likely to date any time soon. If your space is small, larger tiles can help it look bigger and more expensive than it really is.

4. Front facade
What’s the first thing potential buyers are going to see? The front of your property of course! That’s why making a strong first impression is essential. Remember, it’s all about increasing the perceived value of your property. The best part of this reno project is that it’s usually relatively low cost and you can even DIY it. Some things to consider are having the exterior painted, cleaning or recolouring your roof, improving the front garden and even installing a new front door.

5. Outdoor area
If you have a multiple-bedroom house, chances are the people about to purchase it are a family. What’s more appealing to a family (especially one with young kids) than an outdoor entertainment area and backyard? These areas often hold emotional value for families, and will add great value to your house. Try paving an area that can be used for outdoor dining/seating and neatening up the garden by installing fresh plants.

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