Find out how this young couple went from overthinking to enjoying their property investment journey

After going out for eight years, Charlotte and Charles – both 26 years old – decided to work for a more stable future by starting their property investment journey.

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They bought their first property in north Brisbane, in Kallangur, last January at $303,000. However, it took them a while to make the decision to jump in and make their first purchase. Like most budding investors, they were overwhelmed by how enormous the markets were and afraid that they did not have enough money to make such a big commitment.

“It took us a very long time. We came back from a big overseas trip this time last year with no money and we knew we wanted an investment property but we didn't know where. We didn’t know where to start. We didn’t know what to do. We had so many ideas: land, houses,” Charlotte told Smart Property Investment.

She added: “We’d investigate everyone at length. We’d have plans of going what this option, what does that option mean for this and this and this? We got to the point where we were like, we could start anywhere. We overthought that and broke down the numbers.”

Eventually, Charles and Charlotte learnt that having the right motivation and the necessary education were enough to jump-start their property investment journey.


As they went along, the couple found themselves enjoying the learning process and getting excited about all the benefits they could get from their assets.

According to Charlotte: “It’s like it is what it is. You can’t predict what the future is. We just read. We didn't do anything extra special that we can’t do. I don’t know, maybe it’s intimidating? It just definitely motivates you to get in as early, and that’s why we’re always anxious to get to the next property. I enjoy the process, enjoy the ride. You can just see how it can benefit you in your life, you can grow it yourself. It makes you accountable for your own future.”

Like many investors, property investing became appealing to the young couple because of the freedom it can potentially give because of the continuous flow of passive income.

Their goal: Be able to retire or work part-time jobs when they reach 40.

Charles said: “Eventually, we’d like to have the ability or the option of part-time work from 40 [years old] onwards. We obviously want to generate a bit of a passive income from property. I guess, just looking at all the options, it just seems to be the best option to be able to do that. You see a lot of people at 60, 70 [years old] still working full-time. Don’t really want to be in that position.”

“It gives you a bit more control. I mean, [that’s] not 100 per cent over property at all, but it just means that you can go, ‘I decide to do this. I decide to have choice. I decide to have that flexibility in my future.’ You’re not pigeonholing yourself into something,” Charlotte added.

What are you waiting for, gen Ys and millenials? Property investment is one way to future-proof yourselves, and it’s definitely possible for anyone willing to make the choice to put the hard yards in.

Tune in to Charles and Charlotte's episode in The Smart Property Investment Show to know more about the house-sitting venture that lets them save $20,000 a year.

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