Can pet owners be good tenants for your investment property?

While there is definitely a very strong argument for the landlord to refuse the application of tenants with pets, property manager Lisa Indge believe that pet owners are often fantastic people and a good permission process can help both parties do away with any misplaced concerns.

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According to her, many property investors often think twice before accepting tenants who own pets for fear of the damages that might be inflicted on the property. After all, they only want to be protected from the possibility of extra costs brought by the necessary flea treatments, carpet cleaning, and other services that will keep the property in its best condition—things they can avoid if a tenant does not own a pet.

"I think it's very important for both parties to come together to discuss that issue, among others," she said.

"The owner should have the right to refuse pets. It is a risk factor.

"A lot of landlords have had poor tenancy experience with tenants with pets, and clearly, they want to protect their property against any damage."


For Lisa, a good background check and a clear negotiation between the landlord and the tenant are some of the best ways to settle the issue. As in the case of other applicants, a good tenancy history is a good enough reason for her and her property management team to consider accepting the application of tenants with pets. 

"I think there is a very strong argument for the landlord not to be forced to allow tenants with pets because there has to be a mechanism to protect the owner in respect of flea treatments, carpet cleaning, and all that sort of things. There has to be a permission process," she reiterates.

"[I personally] don't mind if tenants have pets if they have a good tenancy history[;]... as long as you have the reference checking to support [good tenancy], I have absolutely no issue with tenants with pets. In fact, they are often fantastic. It's not really about the pet itself, it's about how the tenant takes care of the pet, and that comes through with that reference checking," she concluded.

Tune in to Lisa Indge's episode in The Smart Property Investment Show to find out the key to identifying quality long-term tenants to keep your cash flow steady, as well as determining when to be lenient in the leasing process and what to do when it all goes wrong.


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