Property investment could be the ‘crazy idea’ to get you out of the rat race

For a decade Michael Xia held a corporate job, but soon enough he was itching to try other “crazy ideas” that will give him more time for himself. His chosen way out of the rat race?

Property investment.

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According to Michael, he was in the field of market research for some time and for a while he used to love it, yet he can’t help but wonder about the opportunities he’s missing out on while he continues to stay in the corporate world.

“Everyone that goes into property investing, you’ve got a goal, something that you want to achieve, and for me, that was to quit work. I hated my corporate role… I was in market research… I would say, for a couple of years, I loved it but after a while—I was in corporate for 10 years—I got a little bit jaded towards the end,” he shared. 

“[I thought], ‘What are the other things out there?’ I always have that aspiration of finding something that will lead you to something and you have all these crazy ideas, like what if you invented the next Facebook? For me, it was actually property investing.”

Michael was formally introduced to property investing three years ago and since then he has consistently found more ways to maintain his financial freedom.


He said: “Just speaking to the right people, using the right strategies, I managed to quit corporate… From the very first day I started property investing that was my main goal. The reason why I want to quit corporate is, funnily enough, [because] I really love touch football. I just want to spend more time training for touch football.”

Aside from growing his portfolio, he has also transitioned to a career as mortgage broker to help his fellow investors find their own paths to success. Michael has successfully built a Gold Coast-based business which has earned loyal clients from Sydney and other parts of Australia.

“The initial client base was from that forum because I was quite active in sharing my story, the areas I’m buying, tips around that. After that, it just exploded through word of mouth,” he shared.

Right now, with a total of 14 properties to his name, Michael wants to continue sharing his journey with other investors—hoping that they too will be able to live life the way they want to, just as he did.

Tune in to Michael Xia’s episode on The Smart Property Investment Show to know more about his portfolio, what the recent changes to the cash rate and bank interest rates actually mean for real-life investors, and some of the financial tips and tricks all property buyers should know. 


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