Dealing with scar tissue from bad investments

Investor Eric Brown re-joins host Phil Tarrant in this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show to recap the growth, challenges and risks he faced over the last two years, as well as the lessons he has learnt through mistakes.

eric brown podcast

Eric explains the power buying at the right price has had on his portfolio and how his career as a commercial builder has given him an advantage as an investor. He also reveals details about his newest venture of converting a warehouse into a family home, the issues he has to overcome and the challenges he expects to face in the future.

You’ll also find out how to balance a high appetite for risk, tricks on how to stick to a budget and his advice to anyone looking down the path of development, that’d be great too.

All of this and much, much more!



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Suburbs mentioned in this episode:

Shoal Bay
Nelsons Bay
New Castle

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