Renovation tip: The most cost-effective mould and mildew fix

Mould and mildew are the most common problems of property owners, especially every time the “wet weather” approaches.

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According to ‘The Reno Kings’ Paul Eslick, Justin Eslick, and Geoff Doidge, these are often found in south-facing walls that don’t get much light, under eaves, and in shadowed areas.

While it definitely looks ugly and takes a thorough job to clean up, properties don’t actually need to undergo a major repaint job or any sort of renovation—in fact, the solution lies in a simple and cost-effective product.

“Cleaning mould and mildew is easy, cheap and effective … By far and away, the most cost-effective cleaning product is pool chlorine,” according to The Reno Kings.

Pool chlorine is available in any good pool supply store for an affordable price, and it works just as good as the more expensive mould cleaner or patio cleaner.


Here are The Reno Kings’ simple steps to clean mould and mildew:

1. Mix a strong brew of pool chlorine in a bucket: 1/3 chlorine and 2/3 water.
2. Cover exposed timbers and plants with drop sheets.
3. Put on some old clothes and/or a protective suit, goggles, and mask.
4. Grab a broom and start scrubbing!

The Reno Kings’ advice to property owners: “You don't need to scrub much … Leave it for 10 minutes and then hose it off.”

In case you still find moulds in your property, repeat the process until it’s all gone.

An average house can be cleaned in as fast as half an hour, especially when you get yourself a reliable helping hand.

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