The keys to a successful portfolio from those working in the background

Get a greater insight into Phil’s portfolio as he’s joined by business partner Alex Whitlock and accountant Michael Johnson, who work behind the scenes to manage the heavy lifting on the portfolio.

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Michael discusses the day-to-day operations of the portfolio that he controls, as well as the impact property managers have had in steering the portfolio into success.

On the other hand, Phil and Alex reminisce on their portfolio over the years, including what their greatest successes have been and what they would have done differently.

You will also find out the importance of keeping an eye on cash flow, the reasons behind each purpose and the importance of goal-setting.

You'll hear all of this and more, in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show!


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Suburbs mentioned in this episode:

Sunshine Coast
St Mary’s
Mount Druitt
South Bank
Cambridge Park
Seven Hills
Mount Kuring-gai

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