Badgery’s Creek a good suburb to watch this year

As Sydney remains suspended in the “massive area between boom and bust”, Starr Partners’ Doug Driscoll believes that property investors will get the most benefits in areas that are set to experience gentrification in the near future.

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According to the property professional, he could not recommend Badgery’s Creek enough as one of the best areas for property investment this year. The groundwork for several development projects has already started in the suburb, including a second airport, which has been earmarked for decades.

Moreover, Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant said: “There's a lot of business precincts going in and around, so it's going to be a hub.”

“I think, in particular, Northrop Grumman is investing heavily out there in terms of building a Defence precinct.

“There's other industries which are going to really gravitate around this new airport, this new economic zone,” he added.


Since new jobs will be created as more infrastructures are built, more people will come to live in the area, creating more demand for dwellings.

As a result, the prices in the property market will generally experience growth. 



While Badgery’s Creek has all the fundamentals locked in, being too close to certain infrastructures may also present some issues for investors and homeowners alike.

According to Doug: “I often joke that you don't want to be so close where that you can kinda smell the petrol and see the whites of the pilot's eyes.”

Property buyers must then maintain a strategic approach when looking for the best asset to purchase in the suburb. Conduct thorough and detailed research not just about the numbers but also about the vicinity.

For Badgery’s Creek, specifically, you may want to determine possible flight paths in order to avoid an area that is too close to the airport.

Phil said: “[You] don't want the aeroplane noise, but you want all the benefits of being close to an airport.”

“If, all of a sudden, you hedge your bets and you put cards on any one area, and then ... you find the main flight path goes directly above it, well, you may not see that growth,” Doug added.

Avoid rushing into a decision because, after all, property investment is a long-term game, so you need to ensure that the quality of your asset will stand the test of time. You may also seek the guidance of local residents and real estate agents to understand the market better and ultimately gain more investment opportunities in the future.

While almost all data is available now on the internet, according to Doug, nothing beats local ground knowledge.

The property professional advised investors: “You've ... got to speak to the right agent … who themselves has their finger on the pulse.”

“Just ask a load of questions [to] a load of people … [so you can] form a more measured opinion on any one marketplace,” he concluded. 


Tune in to Doug Driscoll’s episode on The Smart Property Investment Show to find out how the real estate market has been impacted because of the property markets, what you should be looking for when thinking of investing in a certain area, and how infrastructure is impacting the property game.

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