Quit the 9 to 5: Taking control of your income and your career

In his early twenties, Ben Handler built Cohen Handler from scratch to become the largest property buyer’s agency, with offices across Australia, Asia and California and property purchases worth in excess of $3 billion. 

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In this first episode of Quit the 9 to 5 with Ben Handler, Ben joins Phil Tarrant to set the scene for this new podcast series. They will show you how to achieve that goal you've always thought about: taking control of your career, getting out of that unfulfilling job, and earning huge money doing something which, for someone who loves property, won’t even feel like a job. 

Ben explains the appeal of becoming a buyer's agent and discusses just how easy it is to take charge of your financial journey, while also providing an honest uncut view of what it really takes to succeed in this growing profession.  



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