5 Massive Benefits to Hiring a Professional House Painting Service

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Have you recently thought about painting your home interior to improve household value but have been put off by the thought of hours of excruciating pain? Why not consider a professional house painting service to get the job done for you?

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Have you recently thought about painting your home interior to improve household value but have been put off by the thought of hours of excruciating pain? Why not consider a professional house painting service to get the job done for you?

Not only will they achieve a more quality finish than you will but they are the experts in interior care and protection. They know exactly what type of paint is appropriate for the job, the suitable colours for your interior and a handful of tricks that allows them to achieve a perfect finish.

Newline Painting, the house painting professionals in Melbourne have put together a list of 5 massive benefits explaining why you should be hiring professional house painters for your home.

Improve home value

One of the biggest advantages of using a professional house painting service is the financial benefits that it reaps. It is said to be one of the most cost-effective methods to increase the value of your home.

According to a HomeGain 2011 Top DIY Home Improvements, a home interior paint can add 107% return on investment (ROI). A mere $960 investment in a professional interior paint can offer a value of $2000 on your home.

If you are planning to sell your property, a fresh coat of paint is the first thing that buyers will see. Nobody wants to walk into a house that looks worn and in poor condition. And as they all say, first impressions are important, especially in securing a deal.

The cost of re-work

While we are on the topic of financial benefits, we should take a look at minimising the cost of interior paint. Poor quality paint jobs just aren’t worth it. The cost of re-painting the interior home could end up costing a lot more than simply hiring a professional. The errors made by an amateur painter can easily be avoided.

The result is that you will find yourself having to repaint the interiors more often due to cracks and bubbles in the paint. You could save the hassle and find a reliable painter who can provide you with a guarantee for the job. Interior painting services such as Newline Painting provides residents in Melbourne with a 7-year warranty for their services.

Great impression on guests

There is nothing more satisfying than when your visitors and guests acknowledge that you have put in the effort into the aesthetic and care of your home. It shows character and that you are able to maintain a lovely home that reflects your energetic lifestyle. This will leave your guests with a positive impression upon arrival.

No doubt it will definitely be the centre of any conversation for when you have visitors. It will naturally come up as your guests cannot help but gawk at your majestic new paint. The new attraction will also make them feel more welcome in your vibrant home. This is one of the ways to provide an excellent hospitality experience for visitors.

Positive family household energy

The new coat of paint will draw your family closer together. It creates an active and lively energy in your home that allows your family to bond together. Whether it is in the kitchen or in the bedroom, there is no doubt that vivid interior colours will bring your household to life. Together, your family can share a lifestyle that can be enriching and meaningful.

If you are unsure about what colours work best together for your home, you could check out this article on 23 popular wall ideas for your home. The reward for enhancing your family’s relationship is one of the best things you could sustain. Family value is important because it creates a healthy, honest and trustworthy mood at home. It contributes to a sense of comfort and safety within the household.

Transform boring and dull to vibrant and new

You can completely transform your old and boring home into a new and exciting household. Your modern home will make you feel and view the world from an entirely new perspective.

It's important that the colour selected for your interior is chosen carefully to evoke the right feelings. It is known that colours hold powerful meanings and that colours can affect you and your emotions if they are not appropriate for the situation. It can have a negative impact on you psychologically and physically.

For example, a dark brown bedroom interior carries a heavy feeling that renders you unmotivated to get up in the morning. Furthermore, the dull and gloomy colour leaves your bedroom feeling confined.


As mentioned above, these five reasonings will drastically evolve your home and hospitality experience for your visitors, guests and family members. Hiring a professional interior painting service such as Newline Painting will benefit you financially, psychologically and better position your home. Their specialised skill set is a small price to pay that would otherwise require years of training, practise and knowledge.

For an affordable and professional interior house painting in Melbourne, give Newline Painting a call on 1300 044 206 or inquire online for an instant free quote. Their staff will be more than happy to speak to you and accommodate to any special needs or requests for your property.

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