How a New Kitchen Can Add Value to Your Home

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The heart and soul of any home is the kitchen. It isn’t just a place where meals are made, it is the centrepiece of the home where families are gathered together.

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A warm and inviting kitchen can create a tremendous positive atmosphere that can almost immediately connect with those in the room. Whether it is morning breakfast or a late afternoon dinner, an appealing kitchen will provide a pleasant vibe to everyone for healthy relationships.

The same can be said when it comes to property value and purchasing a new home. Families will look for dazzling kitchens that will allow them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, a modern kitchen is no longer a space limited to just cooking. It is part of an open plan living-space with incorporated bench and seats for the kids to do their homework or for you to do some work on the laptop.

Functionality and practicality

It’s important that a newly renovated kitchen offer various functions and practicality. This is a major selling point for most home buyers will be looking for. The convenience of having a fridge, oven and sink one step away provides considerable incentive.

Gone are the days of gas stovetops. Induction stove tops are increasingly becoming popular due to their ease of use, fuss-free design and ease of maintenance such as cleaning. No doubt that home buyers will want to see what type of stove they will use to cook and prepare their meals on. The elegance and simplicity of an induction stove top will definitely entice onlookers.

Even kitchen tapwares have evolved over time in terms of aesthetics and practicalities. They now have the ability to make common kitchen tasks faster, safer and easier for everyone. For example, a double sink plus a tap with a pull-out spray nozzle and flexible hose is an ideal and desirable design in any kitchen.

Spacious kitchen

Adding a kitchen island during a renovation can add massive value to a home. A kitchen island is essential in any modern kitchen that can be turned into an instant workstation hub if need be. It frees up any cluttered space near the sink and allows more than one chef in the room. It also opens up the kitchen to create a spacious area.

Creating space savers such as foldable tables or a pull-out bin that is hidden in a cabinet is a sleek way to keep the kitchen uncluttered and the ugly mess out of sight. Deep and organised drawers that allow neat storage of utensils and crockeries will allow extra bench space when preparing meals. Having enough storage space for your kitchenware is a crucial to maintaining a modern and minimalistic style.

Natural lighting

Natural light is a key element in any modern hampton kitchen design. The idea of using natural resources to power your home has become an enormous appeal for households and families. The use of natural sunlight plays a key role to the modern, open-plan living design as it creates the illusion of a spacious kitchen. It adds warmth to your home to make you feel as though you are outdoor.

Quality materials

Part of a kitchen renovation is the inclusion of high-quality materials to add luxury to your new room. Getting rid of old appliances can go a long way in completely  transforming your kitchen. Stainless steel tapware and new cabinets can help accentuate a kitchen to its highest potential. The power of quality kitchen material in a newly renovated kitchen is superior. For example, the subtle look of a matte black tapware can dramatically enhance the look of your kitchen.

Add personality

From the way the kitchen looks to the layout of the kitchen, each kitchen has a unique personality that either connects to home buyers or not. A kitchen can often hold the power to be the make-or-break factor when deciding to buy says Patrick Bright from EPS Property Search. An outdated and poorly designed kitchen is a major factor when it comes to kitchens. Subsequent to a kitchen renovation, a marble benchtop and stainless steel appliances can make all the difference to securing a deal.

If you agree and believe that a kitchen can add a tonne of value to a home then please leave a comment below.

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