First home buyer hungry to enter market

The first home buyer market is still alive and well, according to new research.

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The latest Bankwest/MFAA Home Finance Index has found that an increasing number of first home buyers are keen to put their first foot on the property ladder.

Just 19 per cent of renters are happy to keep renting in a bid to maintain their lifestyle.

Bankwest retail chief executive Vittoria Shortt said there had been a strong shift in the desire of first time buyers to get onto the property ladder since the March Bankwest/MFAA Home Finance Index.

“Rising rents have shifted many young peoples’ focus back to home buying.”


In addition, first time buyers also changing their expectations, and are prepared to make trade-offs to enter the property market, like looking further away from the city centre or for a smaller property.

They are also looking for family help with deposits now that the First Home Owners Grant is lower.

The Index showed first home buyers are only too happy to make a range of compromises if it means getting into their home sooner.

Nearly 25 per cent are continuing to live at home to save money for a deposit, while approximately 55 per cent believe the current economic climate has led them to look for cheaper property.

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