Quit the 9-to-5: Buying properties just months into his foray as a buyer’s agent

 Having previously appeared on the Smart Property Investment Show to reflect on his journey building his own property portfolio, Arjun Paliwal now joins hosts Ben Handler and Alex Whitlock on Quit the 9-to-5 to discuss his transition from investor to buyer’s agent and reveals how, only months after finishing Ben’s course, he is buying properties across the country for referral clients.

Arjun Paliwal

Arjun shares how he was able to quit the 9 to 5 and how that transition was for him, talks through the process of helping his first client and explains why sometimes you should explain things to clients, even when they are obvious to you.

Ben reveals the most difficult parts of being a buyer’s agent, the importance of social media as a marketing tool, while Arjun explores why the meaning of the word “retirement” has since shifted for him.


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