INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: Why investing in a ‘hotspot’ is not always the right move

In an environment where the biggest issue can be an overload of too much contradicting information, how do you figure out what is accurate advice?  When it comes to “hotspots”, everyone seems to have a different idea of where you should be investing.


In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group however Steve and Victor reveal why they don’t believe in the so called “hotspots” and how you can really figure out the best spots to invest.

They discuss the importance of time on the ground before buying an investment property, why fundamentals need to come into your decision and the information that you must extract from the agent when meeting with them to discuss the purchase.

With the term “off-market” regularly thrown around, they explain the difference between pre-market and off-market purchases, unpack the way to get the best price on a property and tackle the question of the week surrounding auctions in a softening market.

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