Quit the 9-to-5: Driven by a desire for her own business and independence

Faced with the desire for a career with greater independence, Brady Yoshia's was able to get into property full time as a buyer's agent.

Brady Yoshia

In this episode of Quit the 9 to 5 with Ben Handler, Brady shares how with Ben's training she has been able to achieve that goal, start making money, and is building a strong team around her.

Having experience in both sales and as a buyer's agent, Brady explains the similarities between the two roles, and the differences in that a buyer's agent has the additional layer of support that they are able to offer their clients.

She discusses how Belle Property is embracing the changing property environment, while Ben explores if the Australian market will shift more toward a US model and why now is a great time to become a buyer's agent given the changing property sector.


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