Too busy to find the perfect property?

Help is at hand for aspiring property buyers keen to get into the market but finding it impossible to fit house hunting in to their busy schedules.

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I was chatting to my cousin the other day, a 31 year old mechanic, who is desperately keen to buy his first home. But between working 13 to 14 hour days, Monday to Saturday, there’s simply no time to research the local market.

I told him he might want to consider a buyer’s agent.

No, not a real estate agent, I told him, a buyer’s agent. Like many aspiring home buyers, he wasn’t too sure what a buyer’s agent actually is.


Put quite simply, a buyer’s agent sole role is to represent you, the buyer, throughout your entire property journey.

From finding you the perfect property, to helping you negotiate with the vendor and sealing the final deal, a buyer’s agent can really help time-stretched or inexperienced players get into the property market.

A relatively new profession, buyer’s agents first began to emerge in Australia in the 1990s with now around 75 to 100 firms across the country dedicated exclusively to helping property buyers, according to the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Association (REBAA).

Of course, their services do come at a cost, but if it means saving you from spending those precious couple of hours away from your desk trawling the internet for properties, it might just be worth considering.

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