5 things to think about while renovating mid-COVID-19

With a number of social restrictions now in place, many people mid-renovation are wondering if, or how, they can continue. So, what can you do?

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With many of us stuck at home, Houzz has highlighted how we often renovate to make a home “more liveable”.

With professionals “still very much available for your renovation”, Houzz Australia and New Zealand editor Vanessa Walker noted that they are seeing “many professionals adapt to this new environment by offering virtual consultations or 3D floor plans”.

From her perspective, people on site are also taking necessary protective measures to keep home owners and workers safe.

She offered up five tips for anyone who is renovating, or considering making some changes to their house at this time:


1. Set up a virtual consultation

Many professionals have more time on their hands now than they normally would.

There are no commutes, site visits, show houses or markets to keep them away from your project.

Therefore, it might be worth setting up a virtual consultation. This will allow you to answer questions around the style and function you are after, share inspiring photos, or even learn from them how to take accurate measurements without them being there in person.

2. Improve the open spaces

If social distancing is difficult for you to maintain on site because of your home size, Houzz recommended turning your attention to areas of the home where breaches are less likely, such as the backyard or exterior of the house.

It’s worth considering commissioning a landscape architect or landscape designer to draw up a master plan.

3. Plan!

For most home owners, the time between realising you need a renovation and actually executing it is usually six months or more, according to Houzz.

While you are stuck at home, save any inspiring photos and start researching home professionals – then reach out to start planning future projects.

4. Write reviews

If you aren’t ready to start a project right now, Houzz highlighted that there are other ways to support professionals in your community.

If a design or renovation professional has improved your life in the past but you haven’t gotten around to writing a review, do it now! They can be really helpful to businesses and individuals at tough times such as these.

5. Follow local and national authorities

While construction may still be allowed in your area, it’s always a good idea to continue following the advice of national and local authorities to check what services are still permitted.

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