Expert advice: Where to invest post-COVID

With the government declaring Australia as “emerging from recession”, Pure Property Investment’s Paul Glossop reveals how to make the most out of the property market in the “new normal”.

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As doom-and-gloom headlines predicting double-digit declines continue to be disproved with growths across capital and regional markets, home buyers and investors are keen to jump back into the market and resume their wealth-creation journey.

In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, Mr Glossop, along with Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant, reveals the “secret hotspots” in today’s hot market and the factors to consider when buying property today – from supply and demand, lending and interest rates, to industries and government stimulus.

The duo also discuss the strategies that would help investors maximise profit. Should they hold their properties or start to sell? Is it wise to chase cash flow or capital growth?

Finally, they talk about “timing the market”, or the right time to enter the market after it has gone through such a whirlwind of a year. How early do you need to be in the market to maximise capital growth?


Tune in to Paul Glossop’s latest episode on The Smart Property Investment Show and find out the where, when and how of property investment post-COVID.


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