A family education: What this investor learned from his father

Learning by example is one of the most indelible forms of education, and it’s no surprise that growing up with a parent who makes smart property decisions will often lead kids down the same path.

Daren Nair

Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant sits down with Daren Nair to consider what you can absorb about property investing from observation. Daren shares how his father’s canny investment decisions led him on a similar journey, to the point where his day job in TV production now feels like a means to pursue his passion for property.

Daren discusses how he’s put a twist on his dad’s old school tactics in growing his portfolio and how contacting a buyers agent helped him get over his “analysis paralysis” to purchase his first property.

The duo also touch on the emotional side of buying and how you have to learn to manage both the uncertainty and the excitement when making your next big move.

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