Turning 10 properties into 22 properties – in under 2 years

Since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, this investor and his wife have supercharged their property portfolio to great success.

Bharat Patel web

Smart Property Investment’s Grace Ormsby sits down with Bharat Patel, a full-time IT manager, to unpack his 12-year journey to a 22-property portfolio.

A whopping 12 of those properties have been purchased since the onset of the pandemic – and there’s more on the way. Bharat shares his motivations for investing and reveals how he has managed to capture so many investment opportunities while keeping his debt levels below 50 per cent of his total portfolio valuation.

Capitalising in a number of markets where others have faltered, Bharat shares the lessons he has learnt along the way, offering listeners simple, logical, and to-the-point advice that hasn’t yet let him down.

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