PROPERTY NERDS: Scratching the surface of the latest market trends

In this episode, self-proclaimed data nerds Arjun Paliwal and Leigh Paliwal don’t pull any punches as they hit the high data spots of today’s market to give us their best analytical take on the latest trends.

Arjun and Leigh Paliwal

Arjun, head of research at InvestorKit, and Leigh, director of Hills Finance, examine the biggest market trends taking hold of the headlines before taking a deep dive into the data that underpins them.

With the property market going through a period of change in the wake of the recent rate hike and other major local and international events, the nerds remind investors to cite historical data and connect the dots between correlating data points before making any assumptions about future trends.

They also answer the most-asked questions about the upcoming elections, such as which political party will be more “favourable” for property investors.

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