Conferences and cabinet ministers: Unpacking the biggest events impacting property

On this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show, host Grace Ormsby is joined by journalist Juliet Helmke to discuss some of the major events affecting the industries involved in property recently — from industry conferences to new cabinet ministers.

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They share some of the key takeaways from AREC 2022, including keynote speaker Matthew McConaughey’s advice for performing at your peak. 

The impact of the latest election was also a big point of discussion inside and outside conferences over the past few weeks, and the duo unpack some of the key priorities facing the newly announced Minister for Housing and Homelessness.

In this episode, you will also hear:

  • What current clearance rates say about the present state of the market
  • The biggest change to national home values over the past month
  • One resounding piece of advice being passed down to property professionals from industry insiders



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