Back to the drawing board: How to set up your portfolio for further growth

With a raft of market shake-ups on the horizon – including rate hikes, rising inflation, and changing market fundamentals – it’s back to the drawing board for most investors to recalibrate their portfolios for further growth. 

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And in this episode, Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant sits down with Sam Gordon, the director of Australian Property Scout and a full-time real estate investor, to talk about the different ways investors can keep their heads above the shifting market waters.

Sam, who has recently made strategic steps to grow his portfolio from 31 to 36 properties, also gives insights on his recent buys, shares the thought process on determining which properties to divest, and delves into the financial aspects that investors should focus on when evaluating their portfolios.

The duo also touches on what financial buffers investors should put in place, gives a rundown of markets that are still ripe with real estate opportunities, and discusses why this part of the market cycle should not be perceived as the “Armageddon”.

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