INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: Deconstructing time in the market v timing the market

Should investors focus on timing the market or time on the market? When it comes to this age-old question, these experts say that the optimal buying and selling windows will depend on an investor’s unique circumstances.

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In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, Phil Tarrant, Steve Waters and Victor Kumar unpack property market cycles and why investors should stop viewing it as a clockwork process with specific phases, but rather focus on the different trends and events that drive the market’s movement.

The trio also emphasise that no strategy is “set in stone” and explain that remaining invested over the long run or trying to profit from turning points in the market will work in favour of an investor, as long as their strategy aligns with their long-term goals, financial position and portfolio.

Lastly, the experts underline that good fundamentals will continue to be the tried-and-tested formula to having a successful real estate investment, no matter where the property market cycle is currently at.

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