5 ways to make your property listing stand out this summer

There are plenty of things that vendors can be doing to put their best property forward this summer, according to this expert.

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According to Justine Wilson, the founder of Vault Interiors, there’s been a big shift in the expectations of both buyers and sellers of late.

That change is being compounded by fewer listings coming onto the market — and sales taking “a little longer than usual” to exchange.

To combat this, and ensure that sellers are still putting their best foot forward, Ms Wilson believes there are a number of things savvy sellers can be doing to give their properties the best chance to find sales success over this period.

Her five tips are below:

  1. Touch-ups are key

“We recommend doing any small touch-ups before listing,” Ms Wilson said.

This is especially important with the cost of renovating now so high.

“Having a drab or tired home will detract buyers,” she warned.

“You can spruce up your place a lot with a fresh coat of paint. You can also steam clean the carpets, regrout tiles, [and] fix any small scuffs or marks with sugar soap. Consider where possible resanding or polishing floors so they look their best. Clean the curtains, deep clean the full home especially focusing on kitchens and bathrooms and ensure all light globes work.

“It’s the little details that count.”

  1. Engage a professional property stylist

According to Ms Wilson, “a professional property stylist will always help you achieve the best overall presentation and add value.”

“By using on-trend items, and the right scale furniture pieces, the right accent tones, or even changing the flow and layout of your spaces, having a well-styled home will make your listing stand out online,” she considered.

“This can also help detract from any imperfections the property may have, which will help win the buyers over.”

  1. Less is more!

Decluttering is key!

Ms Wilson advises taking down personal mementos like family photos, kids’ drawings, or stacks of papers and laundry. Clearing the kitchen and bathroom counters of food or personal products is also vital.

“The buyer needs to envision themselves living in your house, so as hard as it is to de-personalise — removing your stamp from the home as much as possible will help broaden its appeal,” she imparted.

  1. Go all-out with marketing

While it can feel like an outlay, Ms Wilson instead said it should be considered an investment.

“Ensuring you have great marketing photos for your listing, getting a video tour done that can highlight the lifestyle and location of the home, and having a beautiful sign board and brochure pack will all help your listing to get more attention, and thus a bigger buyer pool is likely to attend the opens,” she offered.

  1. Never underestimate the importance of street presence

Ms Wilson stressed that the first impression should be one “of a well-kept, low-maintenance property”.

“Ensure your gardens are tidy and trimmed, porches or driveways swept, and if it’s a unit, ensure the common areas look as neat and tidy if possible,” she instructed.

If you can, have your house pressure washed and have your patios pressure cleaned too!

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