Which property sectors will perform in 2023?

Which capital cities will conquer 2023 and which ones will falter in the face of a rapidly changing market?

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In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, host Phil Tarrant sits down with Damian Collins, managing director of Momentum Wealth and chairman of Westbridge Funds Management, to discuss the current state of affairs across the country’s property markets before explaining why the outlook for real estate investing remains “bullish” this year.

The duo also takes a closer look at Western Australia’s property market, the ups and downs it has weathered throughout different cycles, and unpacks the factors that make Perth a safe haven for real estate investors amid a widespread market downswing.

Damian also gives an in-depth look into property funds, how commercial property may be the next big investment property investors are missing out on this year, and how the current inflationary environment is not the only factor investors should take into account when building a property portfolio.

Declaring 2023 as “the year of opportunity”, the expert advised investors to “think outside the box” when outlining their investment roadmap this year.


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