The role commercial property plays in an investor’s portfolio

While residential properties have been the tried-and-true starting point for investors, a commercial property could be just the asset you need in your portfolio to strategically reach your financial endgame.

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In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, host Phil Tarrant sits down with Damian Collins, the chairman of Westbridge Funds Management, to talk about why a “model property portfolio” should be tailored to fit an investor's unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.

Drawing on his own personal property journey, Damian reveals how his portfolio evolved as his priorities shifted over time and offers insights into the key factors investors should consider when determining the optimal timing for investing in commercial property.

Acknowledging investing directly in commercial property may not be an option for most property investors, the duo looks into the benefits of investing in the sector through a managed property fund before unpacking opportunities in the commercial market in 2023.


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