How Arjun Paliwal built a booming business from the ‘worst case’

Having begun the 2010s with lofty ambitions of becoming the top dog at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, a decision to maximise his “worst case” has led Arjun Paliwal to the man he is today.

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Almost five years ago, Mr Paliwal decided to pour all his eggs into the InvestorKit basket – and he hasn’t looked back since. Recently, InvestorKit was named the Buyer’s Agency of the Year at the 2023 REB Awards, a proud moment for the business and a ratification that their modus operandi to become “the most trusted data-driven buyer’s agency for successful business owners and professionals looking to scale their business” is coming to fruition.

Growing an award-winning buyers’ agency

On this special edition of the Smart Property Investment Show, Arjun Paliwal, director and head of research at InvestorKit sits down with host Phil Tarrant to discuss the core components of his award-winning business, which claimed the Buyer’s Agency of the Year award at the 2023 REB Awards.

Arjun charts his rise from branch manager at CBA Marrickville, a role he concedes he was “too comfortable” in, to his current position and explains how his leap of faith into the buyer’s agency world was aided by analysis of the best possible worst casescenario. He also shares the failings of the early days in the hopes no one repeats them.

In this episode you will also hear:

  • Why 600 is the magic number for buyer’s agents
  • Is data more than numbers?
  • How he models his team on Lebron James

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