The Unprecedented Growth Within The SMSF Sector

The SMSF Sector is experiencing huge growth as investors become aware of the benefits.

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The SMSF sector continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, with establishment growth reaching an impressive annual industry standard.

Currently, there are 1,136,234 SMSF members in Australia making up 606,217 active SMSFs.

These active SMSFs are responsible for assets totalling over 880 billion dollars according to the latest ATO data.

The SMSF sector shows no signs of slowing down with establishment growth seeing the number of SMSFs increase by 1.5% each financial year.

This impressive growth sees a grand total of 24,000 SMSFs established annually.

Growth is also being seen in regards to women in the SMSF sector, with the gender gap slowly closing.

Currently, 53% of all members identify as male and 47% as female, this highlights a huge growth in women taking control of their retirement future.

While the SMSF sector continues to grow, so do the investment options.

Currently, SMSF investors can invest in the following:

  • Shares (Australian and International)
  • Property (Residential and Commercial)
  • Overseas investments
  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Term deposits
  • Physical commodities
  • Collectables and personal use assets

There is however one more option, SMSF property investment with One Contract Property.

This investment options gives SMSF investors the opportunity to invest in brand-new house and land builds that offer high-yield rental returns inside of super.

If you are interested in beginning your SMSF property investment journey, get in touch with the team at One Contract Property today!

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One Contract Property
At One Contract Property, our unique approach revolves around single-part contracts, eliminating complexities...

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