Metro makeover: How transit impacts property markets

Proximity to transit: it’s the listing line item agents love to tout. But how much value does it add to your property?

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Sameer Chopra, CBRE’s head of research, Pacific, joins host Juliet Helmke for this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show to present some compelling information from the firm that reveals the benefit of buying in a suburb with a train spot.

Sameer discusses the firm’s recent analysis of how Sydney’s new metro is already changing the city’s neighbourhoods, even with only a small portion of the lines open.

The expert in providing economic forecasts shares why he believes the city is only just starting to reap the benefits of the metro line, with changes from the substantial project extending past property prices to include community revitalisation and increased commercial investment.

He also shares insight into the future of office markets and what he sees coming for the nation’s rental market in the five years ahead.


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