The Western Sydney Aerotropolis master plan is now here

The new Bradfield City Centre master plan has been revealed by the NSW government.

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Describing the incoming city centre as “one of the biggest economic development projects undertaken in Australia”, the state government has shared that the masterplan sets out framework for future development within the 114-hectare city.

Backed by an investment of $1 billion-plus, the NSW government’s goal is to establish Bradfield as a world-class city in line with the planned opening of the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport to be completed in 2026.

If the plan by the Western Parkland City Authority is approved, it will provide: 20,000 new jobs, 10,000 new homes, and more than 80 buildings up to 15 storeys high.

It will also offer 36 hectares of open space, waterways and playgrounds, a 2-hectare central park and 17.8 kilometres of bike trails and lanes.


Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully, said: “This master plan is a draft blueprint for a world-class city that will support Western Sydney Airport, attract investment, house thousands of people, and create thousands of jobs.”

In particular, he sees the proposed addition of 10,000 homes as an avenue that will provide Western Parkland City with more diverse housing supply.

Acting Premier and Minister for Western Sydney, Prue Car, said “providing better paid, highly skilled jobs close to where people live, with the right infrastructure, is key to improving the lives of people in Western Sydney”.

Noting Western Sydney as the third largest regional economy in Australia, she remarked: “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform Western Sydney and can only be realised if we work together to ensure it benefits everyone.”

Currently, the drafted proposed plan is in an exhibition period seeking out community feedback. If approved, the department expects that finalisation of the plan could occur by mid-2024.

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