Momentum Media Australian AI Awards 2024 launches for the first time

Submissions and nominations have opened for the inaugural Momentum Media Australian AI Awards 2024, which champions the property investment sector for contributing to the dynamic field of artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly permeated into every industry, while small-to-medium enterprises (SME) have invested in AI or are planning to in the next five years.

In light of this, Smart Property Investment’s parent company Momentum Media is marking a significant milestone by launching the new Momentum Media Australian AI Awards 2024 to provide national recognition to professionals and organisations in the property investment sector who have transformed business operations through the use of their AI solutions.

We are urging all businesses and individuals who have developed cutting-edge AI tools to throw their hats in the ring at the inaugural awards.

Submit an entry, or nominate a worthy colleague or business by Friday, 30 August 2024, for your chance to secure this coveted accolade.


The program will culminate in a black-tie gala awards ceremony on Thursday, 7 November 2024, at the Four Seasons, Sydney. Click here to book your tickets.

There are six individual and 17 group submissions-based categories for candidates to choose from.

Individual categories include AI Leader of the Year, AI Software Engineer of the Year, and AI Female Leader of the Year, while property investment groups can enter into the AI Innovator – Property Investment group category.

There are also a number of group categories available for businesses in accountancy services, aerospace, cyber security, consumer banking, defence, legal services, the materials sector, mortgage broking, real estate, and wealth management.

The inaugural Momentum Media Australian AI Awards will shine the spotlight on professionals and organisations whose solutions have bolstered the Australian economy.

AI solutions are evolving at lightning speed while forming a core element of service delivery to customers and streamlining efficiencies within businesses. The Momentum Media Australian AI Awards reaffirms the role of organisations and professionals in advancing the AI sector.

Winning a trophy at the Momentum Media Australian AI Awards could distinguish organisations from their competitors when attracting and retaining the best talent while providing a platform for them to showcase their solutions to the wider market.

At the same time, individual winners could cement their position as one of the best and brightest professionals in the industry and propel their careers in the AI sector.

Judged by a panel of innovators, business executives, entrepreneurs and academics, the awards will provide peer-reviewed national recognition of your capabilities in developing groundbreaking AI solutions and passion for driving the sector forward, and build your reputation for excellence.

How to enter the awards

Before submitting your entry, decide which categories you are eligible to enter into.

Then, register your account through our secure awards platform.

Next, fill in the details of your submission/s. Review the judging methodology here.

Finally, when you’re happy with your submission, press save and lodge it.

Finalists will be announced on Wednesday, 18 September 2024, so keep an eye out for that!

All submissions undergo a thorough audit process, checking demographic and other information against category eligibility criteria based on the information provided in the submission.

Submissions deemed eligible against the criteria will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of Momentum Media events and editorial team members and executives – alongside stakeholders where required – to determine the finalists for each category. The number of finalists varies for each award category.

The judging criteria for the award categories are quantitative and qualitative, and acknowledge growth, business development, diversity, leadership, innovation, business excellence, and contribution to Australia’s cyber sector.

Winners will be revealed at the black-tie gala ceremony on Thursday, 7 November 2024, at the Four Seasons, Sydney. Click here to book your tickets and don’t miss out!

Submit your entry or nominate a worthy colleague or organisation by Friday, 30 August 2024, to be in the running for the prestigious Momentum Media Australian AI Awards.

For tips on how to write a strong submission, click here.

Click here to find out how to submit your entry.

For more information about the awards ceremony, click here.

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