Tenants' safety "a priority" in renos

Investors renovating their properties should consider the safety of their tenants first, renovation experts have told Smart Property Investment.

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Taking caution when making choices for the outside of a rental property is in the interest of both investors and tenants, said Reno Kings master renovator Paul Eslick.

Even though you should choose wisely, it shouldn’t mean that the renovation is any lower in quality or should restrict what you can provide your tenants, Mr Eslick said.

“If it’s a property that is somewhere that will be attracting young families, I’ll put in a sandpit at the back rather than slides or climbing frames. If someone slips or falls off they could start suing.”

Swimming pools and water features are also “avoidables”.


“You have to be too careful about children getting over the fence and drowning, you hear about it in the news all the time.

“If you’re saying ‘I’m going to put a pool in there to raise the rent for my tenant’ well don’t even think about it. Don’t even go near there because it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

When looking at pergolas and bigger structures WBP Property Group valuer Wesley Inkster explained to Smart Property Investment that investors must ensure that they seek out the required permits and approvals.

“You shouldn’t build without them because the council can come back to ask you to remove it and fine you, or if something does go wrong and something falls down and injures someone then you’re certainly going to be liable.”

He recommends walking through a property to ensure that no concrete is cracked that could cause tripping problems, and to consider the needs of specific tenants.

Investors with properties that are aimed towards elderly tenants may want to consider lighting outside steps and patios to avoid any potential legal issues.

“It’d be really bad if somebody got hurt on your property so it may be worth spending a couple of hundred dollars doing that properly and it won’t need much servicing if it is done well in the first place,” he said.

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