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How a 25-year-old investor acquired a five-property-deep portfolio in four years

How a 25-year-old investor acquired a five-property-deep portfolio in four years

by Ezekiel MacNevin | May 02, 2019 | 1 minute read

Joey D’Agata, from a distance, is quite an unsuspecting character to have a five-property-deep portfolio up his sleeve.

Joey D’Agata
May 02, 2019

Born and raised in Mascot, Mr D’Agata is 25 years old and lives in his family home rent-free.

“I’m an Italian boy, so I get those privileges… I could live there for the rest of my life,” he added.

Property investing is something that was instilled in the investor from a young age by his father, who taught him: “Get one property. Get it as early as you can. Let it grow in the 10-12 years until you get married. And then, sell that off and there’s your deposit on your family home.”

Mr D’Agata added: “That’s his mindset, old-school Italian mindset.”


It was the moment when Mr D’Agata began looking into property investment on his own that he had a light bulb moment, which has led him to develop a five-property-deep portfolio since acquiring his first unit in 2015.

He continued: “When I went to Mr Bankman and said, ‘Hey, can I buy this property at Liverpool?’ And he said, ‘Yes. And in fact, you don’t need to give us any money. Well give you 100 percent plus stamp duty’, that was the ‘a-ha’ moment for me.”

Mr D’Agata’s five-flat portfolio

Mr D’Agata explained that his “portfolio currently exists of four properties” and that he has recently “executed on the fifth purchase”.

The first four properties acquired by the investor are located in Sydney and the fifth, which he recently executed a deal on, is located in the Gold Coast. All of the units are tenanted and accumulating a decent amount of rental income for the young investor.

The value of his portfolio sits at the $2.25 million mark, with a debt position that is “right up there”, sitting at 80 per cent LVR.

According to the Sydney-based investor: “I’ve always been one to watch my pennies. So, with that delayed gratification... I’m happy to forego things now.”

“Not saying that I’m not living. Like, I’ve gone on an international holiday every year for the last seven years. Its more about prioritizing where Im parking my cash… Im saving up for things that I love,” Mr D’Agata added.

Purchases one and two

Mr D’Agata’s first purchase was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom flat in Maroubra with a single car space, just one street back from the beach.

“My sisters married to kind of a mentor of mine who’s got a head for property investing. So, he helped me executing that very first property,” Mr D’Agata added.

The 25-year-old property investor paid $460,000 for this first property, claiming that “it has come off” in the last few years. He continued: “But… my mortgage broker has worked wonders and he was able to get a valuation in the mid-sevens.”

The second unit acquired by Mr D’Agata was purchased off a family friend for $360,000. He explained: “So, [it was] a private treaty, kind of not on the market in Liverpool.”

The unit has two bedrooms, one bath, two car spots and is “nestled between Westfield and the train station… So, walking distance to both.”

Given the location, and the below-value off-market purchase, some might argue this property has potential for significant gains in the future, given Sydney’s property market turns around in upcoming years.

The final three

The third property is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom in Southport (just north of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast); the fourth is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom in Sydney’s southerly suburb of Rockdale; and the fifth is a two-bedder in Mascot, just “600 meters away” from Mr D’Agata’s family home.

According to Mr D’Agata, it takes 25 minutes to get from the front door of his property in Rockdale to Central Station, sitting on the direct line that connects the city’s southside suburbs to Sydney’s CBD, also in close proximity to the airport.

How a 25-year-old investor acquired a five-property-deep portfolio in four years
Joey D’Agata
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