The biggest mistakes investors make when growing their portfolio

The biggest mistakes investors make when growing their portfolio

Cam McLellan, CEO Open Wealth Creation , The biggest mistake investors make when growing their portfolio

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So how can an investor build a multi property portfolio and avoid getting stuck? The answer is knowing what "stuck" is, and "stuck" is not having enough money to create a deposit for another purchase or not having the borrowing capacity to seal the deal and settle on it. So how do you avoid that? The answer is being prepared to sell. In order to move forward you need to release equity and you need to release some borrowing capacity, and selling a property at the right time will do exactly that. When you've got a property in your property portfolio in a market that's starting to plateau, starting to cool down, it might be the perfect opportunity to sell so you can then go and buy again in an area that's about to take off.



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