The secrets to my success – how I built a massive portfolio on a modest income

Jeremy Iannuzzelli

In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, Jeremy Iannuzzelli reveals how he found high-yield, low-cost locations and why they were so instrumental in laying the groundwork for his investment success.

In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show @philliptarrant is joined by  Jeremy Iannuzzelli - an impressive young investor who has managed to build a nine-property portfolio before the age of 30, all on a modest income.  

He also reveals how his property investment priorities have changed over time, and how his early property selections are now helping him to become more ambitious and take on increased risk – in the hope of chasing even bigger windfalls.

All this and much more coming up in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show.

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The Smart Property Investment Show gives you insight, strategies and tactics that every property investor can use.

In each episode, the Smart Property Investment team and its special guests will break down what's happening in the world of property investment, how it affects everyday property investors and how they can take advantage of it.

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