14 properties and $13,000 cash flow positive: how this investor did it

14 properties and $13,000 cash flow positive: how this investor did it

By Staff reporter
Glen Newberry podcast

In this podcast, a property investor shares the story of how he bounced back from a redundancy and seven months of unemployment to build an impressive property portfolio.

Glenn Newbery joins host Phil Tarrant to discuss what forced him to change his investment strategy, the difficulties of building a portfolio while doing contract work and how he’ll make his $3.5 million portfolio debt free.

Glenn also reveals where he’d purchase right now if he was given $50,000.

All this and much much more on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show.

The Smart Property Investment Show gives you insight, strategies and tactics that every property investor can use.

In each episode, the Smart Property Investment team and its special guests will break down what’s happening in the world of property investment, how it affects everyday property investors and how they can take advantage of it.

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14 properties and $13,000 cash flow positive: how this investor did it
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