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INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: The secrets to good cash flow management

By Demii Kalavritinos
Investing Insights with Right Property Group

Welcome to the second series of Investing Insights with Right Property Group. Join Right Property Group directors, Steve Waters and Victor Kumar, as they explore and challenge the strategies, tactics and techniques to create wealth through property investing.

Every month Steve and Victor join co-host Phillip Tarrant from Smart Property Investment to address the burning issues impacting investors, covering key topics such as manufacturing equity, property management, purchasing units vs. houses, researching the market, finding under market value properties, the habits and attitudes of successful investors and portfolio building.

In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, we cover the essential topic of cash flow: the good and the bad.

Good cash flow management is critical to all investors - with the right strategies, processes, focus and balance you can turn it from negative to positive... and keep building your portfolio!!!

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INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: The secrets to good cash flow management
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