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Why more and more properties are now being sold ‘off-market’

Investor Brady Yoshia joins host Phil Tarrant in this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show to di...




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Thousands of property investors set for tax audit

The Australian Taxation Office has announced that it is doubling the number of audits on “dodgy” rental deductions as the vast majority ...


‘Historic development’ stands out in ABS property data

An examination of ABS data has found a rising trend of taller apartment buildings, providing an insight into what Australia’s future unit ...


Big infrastructure spend prompts ‘power house’ predictions for WA suburb

New transport infrastructure spending is set to benefit one coastal suburb in Western Australia, which has been labelled one of the best sub...


Recovering capital city presents opportunity for investors

Going into a market that is yet to fully recover could pose a risk, but there are strong opportunities in one recovering capital city, accor...

bill Shorten

How property investors can prepare for changes to negative gearing

Experts believe that Labor’s proposal to change tax policies can cause significant impact to the property market. How can investors prepar...


Victoria tops the list for population growth in new data

The results of a new report show that Melbourne suburbs were quite prominent in the country’s top hotspots for building approvals and popu...