5 Ideas To Boost Your Home's Property Value

By NS Landscaping 24 September 2018 | 1 minute read

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We often get asked how can I increase the value of my property? When your house is up for sale on the market, buyers will look at more than what is inside the home. Incredible landscaping services, landscape design, size and plant type has shown to increase the perceived home value by 5-10%.

There are many things you can add and change to affect the value of the property. The key here is to figure out what the ideal end result landscape for your potential buyers. This will have the most impact and value for your home.

For example, a potential buyer could be a family with two children. They will want an outdoor area with a decent size turf for the kids to play on and a lovely seating area for the adults to enjoy and relax. By keeping this in mind when landscaping, you will have greater success of selling your home by instantly appealing to the right target market.

However, before you throw your home up on the market, there are 5 essential landscape ideas that will dramatically enhance your property value.

1) Garden bed

Starting with the basics, keeping your garden fresh and in order will make a world of difference.

Nothing is more unattractive than poorly maintained garden beds. Luckily, Australia is home to a range of low maintenance, beautiful and unique plants.

Plants such as Cordyline fruticosa, Rhapis Palm and Giant Bromeliad are some native plants that will provide life to your garden. Consider the layout of plants by arranging them in rows. This will make your garden look a hundred times more tidy than having random plants everywhere.

A layer of fresh mulch will add a lot of appeal to the overall look of the yard. It transforms any old, boring garden into a lively and active one. The best thing is, they don’t cost a lot and is really simple to do.

Getting the experts to do the gardening service for you can go a long way. Their valuable experience in designing and plant choice will create an instant hit with potential buyers.

2) New Turf 

In addition to your rejuvenating garden bed, a new turf is another landscape design that you should seriously consider.

If your lawn looks exhausted, brown and is showing little to no signs of life, then laying out a new turf is a must. Depending on your type of target market, a lawn can add tremendous value to your home. For example, a young professional may not appeal to a new turf, whereas a family with young children will have a higher preference for it.

Nonetheless, it is a cost-effective way that will add the most aesthetic appeal to your landscape and is a major ‘wow’ factor. There isn’t anything like the warmth and calmness of a beautiful, soft, green lawn to compliment the home.

3) Hedge trimming and pruning

For homes with a lot of shrubs and trees, overgrown hedges are unappealing to see and deal with. Potential homebuyers sees this as additional problems and headaches that they are buying into. Invest in a professional to prune your overhanging branches will declutter any garden mess add massive interest for your home when it goes on sale.

Depending on the type of shrub that you have, overgrown hedges can easily be under control by professionally trimming it two or three times a year. It is an excellent way to keep your garden space in order. It also says a lot about the homeowners and how well they take care of their home. Potential home buyers will have a better peace of mind knowing this in the back of their mind when viewing your home.

4) Decking

Outdoor decking is an elegant outdoor feature that can offer home buyers with potential entertainment. A spacious decking area serves as a great way to host a party for families and friends on special occasions. It also offers more versatility than front porches, add a unique modern appeal to your home and some privacy.

It is an incredible way to increase your home value while providing the most practical use. Having an outdoor deck is similar to adding another room to the house. It creates outdoor space that can act as a kitchen or utility area. Perhaps it can be used to store items that would otherwise take up too much space indoor.  Overall, it is essential to integrate a professionally built deck to any home to increase the appeal from potential buyers.

5) Clear up any nearby trees

Personally when viewing a property, any large trees that can pose as a threat to the house is a no-no. Even with home insurance, the headache and problems if the tree decides to come down one day is a risk that no homeowner should have to think about.

Local council tree lopping approval may be required to get rid of your tree, even if it is on private land. This is because certain councils have strict regulations which aims to preserve as many healthy trees as possible.

Tree removal is an arduous and dangerous task to take on if you are planning to do it yourself.

You will also need to consider the disposal of the green waste afterwards. Getting a professional tree lopper to do the job for you is a no-brainer. They’ll handle everything such as tree and stump cutting, hedging and removal. Best of all, they are experts that can do it safely and efficiently.


NS Landscaping is an industry leader in residential and commercial landscaping and tree services. We began as a company in 1988 and have been providing a high standard of landscaping across all Sydney locations with a focus in the North Shore region. We specialise in turf laying, tree lopping, landscaping, decking and garden maintenance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9415 3113 or kindly visit our website at http://nslandscapes.com.au/. We can arrange to tailor-make our services to specifically suit your landscape needs.

5 Ideas To Boost Your Home's Property Value
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