Here’s how to find Australia’s strongest property market [interactive map]
1 minute read

Here’s how to find Australia’s strongest property market [interactive map]

Here’s how to find Australia’s strongest property market [interactive map]

by Simon Pressley | September 28, 2018 | 1 minute read

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To help investors open their minds to wonderful opportunities, Propertyology has produced an interactive map. As you move your mouse over the map, you’ll discover 64 non-capital city locations that are growing right NOW. In fact, 16 locations are currently at double-digit growth pace.

September 28, 2018

Let’s be perfectly clear, the underlying fundamentals of capital cities are still solid. But, the (much) brighter news is the significant upswing in many regional locations.

This time last year, the property market in a particular regional city that Propertyology had just given the green light to invest in was flat. Through understanding economic drivers and property market cycles, our multiple award-winning buyer’s agents have witnessed firsthand evidence of that market producing 15 per cent price growth in less than 12 months. I personally purchased the property in this image.


It’s in every investor’s interests to maintain an open mind and properly review the fundamentals of all markets in Australia. Job growth, affordable housing, and controlled supply underpins property price growth in many non-capital city locations right now.

Given the appalling quality of information that’s out there, Propertyology decided to produce an interactive map to help investors open their minds to wonderful opportunities.

Remembering that 4 out of 8 capital cities declined over the last year, any location that is producing price growth is technically ‘outperforming’ the national market.

As you move your mouse over theinteractive map, you’ll discover 64 non-capital city locations that produced price growth over the last year. In fact, 16 locations produced double-digit growth. Doom and gloom?

In addition to the interactive map, Propertyology has produced a number of reports containing quality information about various non-capital city locations. To access this high-quality investor education, simply click the image below.

Propertyology helps everyday people to invest in strategically-chosen locations all over Australia. Testament to our multi-award-winning success is Propertyology’s expertise in being the only company in Australia to forecast Hobart’s remarkable resurgence and begin investing there in mid-2014, before the boom. Now, while others fight like seagulls over a chip to get in to that market, our buyer’s agents are actively investing in a few other locations that resemble what Hobart looked like in 2014. Like to know more? Contact us here.

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