6 design trends set to dominate 2022

By Juliet Helmke 09 February 2022 | 1 minute read

From “cottagecore” to ‘80s accents, Australians are making big changes around the house.

6 design trends set to dominate 2022

Across the country last year, many people took a long hard look at what they wanted from their homes. For some, the answer was to sell up and seek out something new. Others turned to renovations to make their living quarters match their lifestyle.

From the searches of those attempting major or minor renovations, or building from the ground up, some distinct trends emerged. Houzz, a professional directory and hub for design inspiration, took note. Based on the most frequent searches on their platform, these are the six big design themes they predict will command attention in 2022.

  1. Preppy pastels

The most fashion-forward homes will embrace a phrase that Houzz’ designers are calling “‘80s meets cottagecore”. 

Pastel brights in summery tones of pinks, yellows, browns and blues in organic patterns and free-form shapes will harken back to the big, bold styles that took the world by storm 40 years ago. For today’s sensibilities, they mingle with a nostalgic, romanticised view of agricultural life that highlights handmade crafts and careful craftsmanship.

Houzz experts explain: “This trend will be making its mark on decor in 2022 with vintage style furniture, personalised neon, wallpaper, and natural fabrics.”

  1. Navy blue

Vanessa Walker, editor at Houzz Australia and New Zealand, shares: “In the Houzz community we foresee living rooms and bedrooms embracing a preppy-pastel, lighthearted approach while powerhouse rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms will remain in darker, sophisticated palettes.” 

She sees navy blue making its mark here, with the hue rising 735 per cent in search popularity in 2021.

In particular, “navy blue island bench” and “navy blue bathrooms” jumped up by 435 per cent and 875 per cent, respectively, adding interest to utilitarian spaces that have, until recently, been dominated by stark whites.

  1. Curved craftsmanship

Interior features will continue to breathe into organic shapes,” Ms Walker said, foreseeing that the scalloped furniture and curved kitchen finishes that became popular last year will begin to inspire the rounding of glazing, walls and archways.

Searches for “curved staircases” are already trending upwards, with the term receiving a boost of more than 700 per cent over the past year. 

  1. Pause zones

Recent Houzz search trends for “fireplaces” (up by 298 per cent), “bay windows” (up by 296 per cent) and “sunrooms” (up by 138 per cent) suggest Australians are increasingly looking to add features that invite contemplation.

“We’ll see homeowners prioritising quality over quantity, with homes optimised with mindfulness,” Ms Walker predicted for the year ahead. 

  1. Adaptable doorways

Inventive ways to open up and close off rooms are proving popular, with “modern barn doors” receiving a 529 per cent boost on Houzz.

Similarly, more renovators are looking to up their street appeal by making a statement out of their front doors, with searches for the feature climbing 666 per cent.

  1. Entangled design

“Looking at the future of Australian design in 2022, professionals on Houzz predict homes will require creativity in adaptable spaces to meet today’s changing household dynamics,” Ms Walker said.

With many Australians choosing to work part-time or entirely from home, houses have had to take on the role of an office, with changes to suit this hybrid lifestyle model being among the country’s top priorities over the course of the past year.

“Entangled design focuses on the quality of spaces that are adaptable to different activities, such as business and pleasure,” Houzz experts explained of the new design term. 

“On the cards for next coming years, pros forecast we’ll see more clever design solutions integrated into unused or void areas, given purpose to accommodate contemporary living comforts and amenities.”

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6 design trends set to dominate 2022
6 design trends set to dominate 2022
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