Overcoming the fear of investing

Overcoming the fear of investing

By Dean Berman | 17 May 2013

dean berman tnJoe overcame his biggest obstacle…his ‘fear of failure’. He persisted over and over again until he finally achieved his end goal

Blogger: Dean Berman, 37 Property Group

“Help! Help!”, bellowed Joe at the bottom of the dirt hole.

As Joe yelled, the holes magnitude and scale engulfed him like a needle in a proverbial haystack.

Its dirt walls, cracking before his eyes. Clumps of dirt falling onto his 2 year old Nike trainers.

“How do I get out of here?”.

Joe, jumps with all his might, to no effect. The wall is about 4 metres in height and 4 metres in width, compared to Joes 1.75 metre frame.
The rain flows down the hole like a tap with a broken washer. The dirt becomes mud. Squelching with every move as Joe tries to get out of the hole.

He jumps….and quickly descends, landing on his backside, covering it in thick mud.

Joe looks up at the rain flowing down into the hole and wonders why he is stuck in such a predicament?

“What if I had invested 20 years ago, I would have been ‘RICH!’…Why did I inspect 500 properties and then give up because I couldn’t find the ‘perfect’ one and was scared to make a mistake?...How do I change this?”

Shortly after a trees root exposes itself about 2.5 metres up the hole. Joe jumps like a Harlem Globetrotter and with every sinew of his body, he grasps the root. Holding on…then quickly he spots a line of roots gradually ascending the hole. He continues on this path for the next half an hour, jumping and grasping until he reaches the summit of the hole.

He twists his body at the top and throws himself out of the hole, landing on his face in a clump of mud…slowly he gets up as he tastes the dirt between his teeth…but with sheer exuberance and delight he shouts “I did it”…”I can do it”.

Joe overcame his biggest obstacle…his ‘fear of failure’. He persisted over and over again until he finally achieved his end goal. His biggest realisation was there is no ‘perfect’ property to create a well diversified property portfolio. There is however properties that meet his requirements of high cash flow, in high demand locations near multiple amenities and employment hubs, with great floor plans, placing him in the best possible position long-term.

Fast forward ten years into the future. Joe has taken a day off from his property investment endeavors and is soaking in the sun’s rays on ManlyManly, NSW Manly, QLD beach, smiling to himself as he thinks about how he got out of the hole.

About Dean Berman
dean bermanDean Berman is a lover of property and Director of 37 Property Group, a fully integrated property company focused on helping clients achieve ‘anything in property under one roof’.

37 Property Group offers all services relating to property investment portfolio creation, residential real estate such as property management, specialist transaction services such as finding a buyer or seller quickly andsecondary services such as mortgage broking and financial planning.

The goal for clients is providing exceptional advice, smooth transition throughout the company and creating lasting relationships due to great service and experiences.

For more information on property investment, residential real estate, transactions and secondary services at 37 Property Group.

Overcoming the fear of investing
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