Company puts modern twist on property funds

By Staff Reporter

A new type of property fund will allow investors to handpick the assets in their portfolio.

“By using DomaCom as their key property investment vehicle, their clients will benefit in a way not previously possible,” DomaCom CEO Arthur Naoumidis said.

Unlike a traditional property fund, where investors have little control over the assets in their portfolio, the DomaCom fund will give investors the opportunity to select which properties they wish to buy into.

“Choosing a direct property investment with all the protective measures of diversification and correct asset allocation has never been easier,” Mr Noumidis said.

The fund has recently been added to the approved product list of Beacon Financial Group.

The group’s managing director, Peter Daly, said the fund added a new dimension to a traditional investment strategy.

“It is a sound product that has brought a modern technology solution to an old and trusted asset class that is well known and understood by most investors, but often difficult to access because of its high cost,” he said.

The fund will be fully online and cater primarily to the self-managed super fund market and long-term investors.

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Company puts modern twist on property funds
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