Want to turn your passion for property into a lucrative career?

Want to turn your passion for property into a lucrative career?

By Staff Reporter
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Property investors are increasingly being drawn to careers in the mortgage broking industry. Now a new event has been launched for those eager to break into the fastest growing sector in financial services.

After purchasing nine investment properties in just six years, Kevin Sum decided to take his knowledge of the market to a professional level and become a mortgage broker.

Having worked in funds management for eight years, Kevin Sum changed career last year to set up his own mortgage broking office, Let’s Do Mortgages, based in Carlingford, NSW.

“I’d been working at various fund managers for the past eight years. But at the same time, I invest in properties. I started investing in my first property back in 2009 and basically just kept on going,” he said.

“So, I got to a stage where I was thinking: ‘Ive got all these properties, all this knowledge behind me. Why dont I do something that is related to property? Something that I know I like, [something] I live and breathe everyday’.”

In response to growing demand from investors like Kevin, leading finance broking publication The Adviser has launched its inaugural New Broker Academy 2017 event, aimed at new-to-industry brokers and those considering a career in the mortgage industry.

Attendees will hear from one of Australia’s leading brands on what it means to step into a life-changing career as a mortgage broker, including the skills, demands and high financial and personal rewards of this great industry.

Meanwhile, brokers will reveal why they chose a career in finance, the benefits of being their own boss and the financial rewards of operating in this flexible work environment.

Property investors keen to crack into the mortgage market will also hear about qualification requirements, common pitfalls and some of the successful traits of today’s top brokers.

If you want to turn your passion for property into a lucrative career and be the master of your own destiny, then be sure to reserve your ticket for this popular event. Register now.

Event details

The Adviser’s New Broker Academy 2017 will kick off at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, 11 July. In Sydney, the event will take place on Thursday, 13 July, at Dockside, Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf (Darling Harbour).

For more information, please visit The Career in Broking website or contact Rebecca Downie on 0299 223 300 or via email at [email protected].

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Want to turn your passion for property into a lucrative career?
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