The benefits of good mentorship, according to the Property Twins

By Bianca Dabu 28 August 2017 | 1 minute read

After almost a decade of creating wealth through properties, Sana and Mona Ali went on to build the mortgage broking business called Property Twins. Throughout their business, they appreciate the value of having a good mentor as they found their success in part through the help of mentors.

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Sana and Mona were able to successfully build a 10-property portfolio since they started investing in properties in 2009, and their experiences as investors have helped them become more effective as mortgage brokers. Instead of simply acting as an intermediary who brings borrowers and lenders together, the twins take on the “big picture” approach when dealing with their clients.

“We are taking our clients on a journey. It's not about one transaction at a time, it's about the big picture and really educating them through the process, through the decisions that they are going to be making,” according to Mona.

“Whether it be principal interest repayments or interest new repayments, [we talk them] through the pros and cons, the rates and how it's impacting them, and what their plans are in the next six to 12 months because there might be upcoming things in their life. They might have a cash flow consideration that we need to take into account.”

Unlike some banks, Sana and Mona are willing to talk their clients through the different strategies they could use and how each one can affect their journey.

“When you're working with someone who's been there, where you want to go, you cut down 10 years’ worth of effort—that's the value we bring to our clients,” Sana said.

While their job is not that of property coaches, the Property Twins aim to serve as the “sounding board” for their clients by sharing their own property investment journey, so they can, in turn, make the best decisions for themselves. Sana and Mona appreciate the value of having a good mentor because they have personally found success with the help of the people they look up to.

According to Sana: “We are being mentored by one of the top 100 brokers in the country so we do have a huge goal… [The mentoring has been] awesome.”

“We're so fortunate… Our mentors are based out of the Gold Coast but we talk every day, literally, and he's there as a sounding board, whether it be with client work [or other matters],” Mona added.

Sana shared further: “[They help even with] client relationship building side of things and tackling different situations and difficult conversations that you need to have with clients sometimes.”

Their advice for budding property investors: Find the right mentors for you—someone who will be willing to understand your goals as well as your capabilities and limitations. The twins believe that having the right people around you as you go along your property investment journey can not only help you make the right decisions but will also cut years off from your training and self-education.

Smart Property Investment’s James Mitchell concluded: “[It is important to have] a network, a really strong network, whether it's in your investment life, in your professional life, or in your personal life as well. Some really key people who you can rely on… and can provide you with that objective opinion.”

Tune in to Sana and Mona Ali’s episode on The Smart Property Investment Show to know more about how buying cheaper-end properties enabled them to quickly expand their portfolio and more effectively manage their cash flow, how their love of property inspired their careers in mortgage broking, as well as how their working experience enabled them to navigate changes to mortgage lending and position their portfolio for future success. 




Property refers to either a tangible or intangible item that an individual or business has legal rights or ownership of, such as houses, cars, stocks or bond certificates.

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The benefits of good mentorship, according to the Property Twins
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