How ‘decluttering’ can make your investment property more appealing

How ‘decluttering’ can make your investment property more appealing

By Bianca Dabu
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Most people’s idea of a well-presented house is a mixture of grand furnishings, but Evolve Styling’s Tanya and Edward Giuffre say that the key to a beautiful property which buyers tend to prefer is decluttering—making the space feel more like home instead of a mere decorated structure.

While the exterior of the property should make a good first impression, the interior must be able to leave a lasting mark to people coming through the property. Property investors must make sure to leave “open zones” to give everyone a more comfortable viewing experience and, at the same time, to let them visualise the home they want to establish in the property.

Tanya said: “Things that you can do without in your day-to-day life … it might be a bit of a hassle [but] it's still worthwhile taking them out of the house and storing them. You need the house to speak for itself.”

“It's all about simplifying everything. If you've got bookshelves that are crammed full … of books, I say to most people, ‘Take half of them away and have some negative space,’ ” she added.

Instead of overwhelming potential buyers with unnecessary decorative fittings, focus on making the “little things” stand out. A fresh coat of paint, a working tap, a good doorknob, and even a batch of fresh flowers and fluffy towels could leave a bigger impression than most people think. Even a freshly-manicured garden can speak a thousand words for a property investor.

According to Tanya: “You want them to feel that your house has been well-loved and looked after. [Fix] a broken window pane [and] a stain on the roof ... Everything has to be immaculately clean.”

‘Add a bit of personality to your property’

Whether it’s a signature color or a uniquely eclectic vibe, you can make your investment property stand out by adding ‘a bit of personality’ to it, Edward said.

The property stylist explained: “People go and see many properties over the weekend ... If your property is the one with the yellow front door, they'll talk about it after they have been to all properties. They'll go, ‘Do you remember the house with the yellow front door? That's the one I really like.’ ”

“[Have] that differentiator … A bit of personality. Something they can remember and take away,” he added.

There is no one good style for all properties, according to Tanya and Edward, because at the end of the day, as in all strategies in the business of creating wealth through real estate, good property styling is all about understanding the needs of your target market.

“All the stylists have an understanding that there's a different look for a lot of the different areas that we go into ... It's [about] the individual architecture of the home, [as well as] who is going to be the buyer … ? What look do we need to put together for this house to appeal to those buyers?” Tanya concluded.

Tune in to Tanya Giuffre, Edward Giuffre, and William Chan’s episode on The Smart Property Investment Show to know more about the secrets to creating a connection between the property and potential buyers by selling them a “lifestyle and a dream”, as well as the importance of logistics, demographics, and target markets.

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How ‘decluttering’ can make your investment property more appealing
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