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Mr Sceptical
Could also mean that sellers are withdrawing properties from the market because they can't get the overinflated prices they think the properties are worth, or maybe not as many new listings coming ont...
Yes, these suburbs are affordable but please share the stats Since 2009 for the above suburbs, units price has gone up 50% -70% in just last 3/4 years.. and with that sought of increase, do you expect.....listings and run the number to prove it.

Paul Garson
Derr!!I'd like to think that most of our Clients know that Rental Guarantees are just the Developer trickling back some of the Buyer's own money, from an already inflated Price!If a canny Investor Sea.....listings currently available they are usually WAY below the Developer's Rental Guarantee, and it is ...
Prices of property is depending on supply and demand. There are shortage of homes supplied unless in 10 years there are oversupply then property price will slow down. Estate agents who are out of list.....listings spread this rumour to get vendors to list and sell now. They simply ignore the demand and s...

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