NSW ushers in ‘turbocharged’ housing system

Australia’s largest public housing provider will undergo a major transformation with the launch of Homes NSW.

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The NSW government has officially launched Homes NSW, a new division that aims to bring maintenance, tenant services and homelessness support together under one roof.

Previously, public housing services were split among multiple agencies: the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, and key worker housing.

According to the NSW government, this is a “once-in-a-generation reform” for the state.

“The creation of a single agency to manage social and affordable housing and homelessness services is a commonsense approach and is positioned to provide support to the people who need it most,” said Rose Jackson, Minister for Housing and Homelessness.


“For too long, social housing in this state has been neglected – simple issues such as a leaking tap or even the ability to register on the waitlist have been unnecessarily complicated,” said Ms Jackson.

“That’s why this overhaul is needed,” she said. “We’re breaking the chains of bureaucracy and empowering our tenants.”

The creation of a single public housing body fulfils a key promise made by Chris Minns’ Labor government in the lead-up to the NSW election.

In 2023, NSW Labor floated the establishment of Homes NSW, an agency that would merge the state’s disparate housing bodies into “one social and affordable housing agency to streamline bureaucratic processes”.

As well as supporting public housing tenants and those on the waitlist, Homes NSW will reportedly address the rising number of rough sleepers in NSW through “a clear commitment to the principles of housing first – you can’t solve homelessness if you don’t have homes for people to live in”.

“Adequate housing is a basic human right,” said Ms Jackson.

“I am sick and tired of public housing being ‘the worst house on the block’. NSW will rebuild a broken system, properly repair homes and better support our people,” the minister stated.

Rebecca Pinkstone, chief executive of Homes NSW, revealed that “our aim is to create the best social housing system in the country”, explaining the agency “will work in partnership to maximise homes on the ground, reduce instances of homelessness and deliver a quality housing service for our residents”.

“I look forward to the challenge of building a thriving social and affordable housing sector in NSW,” said Ms Pinkstone.

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