Loan Comparison Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Determining which loan options gives you the most savings is a difficult task for property investors, who often use simple factors such as the amount of monthly payments on each loan option to compare and determine which loan option is more feasible.

SmartProperty Investment's loan comparison calculator allows two different loans options to be directly compared by letting you adjust the different variables affecting the loan. It indicates the total overall payments and savings one can earn.



Loan Amount
The total value of the loan applied for in a loan agreement.

Loan Term
The number of years needed to repay the loan, as indicated in the loan agreement.

Repayment Scheme
The schedule in which repayment is made, whether the loan is paid every monthly, fortnightly, or on a weekly basis.

Upfront fees
A portion of the total fee that a purchaser must pay aside from the loan.

Ongoing fees
Also called 'service' or 'administration' fees, charged every month or every year for administering your loan.

Introductory Rate
The introductory interest rate offered as a special discount on your home loan for a set period of time at the beginning of your loan agreement.

Introductory Term
The length of time the introductory interest rate is applied to your home loan at the beginning of your loan agreement.

Ongoing Rate
The ongoing interest rate of the home loan that begins right after the introductory rate ends.

Initial per month
The initial value of the loan repayments to be made per month during the special interest discount rate period at the beginning of the loan.

Outgoing per month
The ongoing value of the loan repayments to be made per month during the normal interest rate period that occurs from the end of the special interest discount rate period until the end of the loan term.

Total Payable
The total amount of loan repayments made, ascertained only when the loan is completed.


The information provided by the loan comparison calculator is intended to provide examples based on stated assumptions and inputs entered and are meant as estimates. It is advised that you consult with a mortgage broker about your specific circumstances, as well as figuring out if there are any other loan features that could affect total payable values.

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Loan Comparison Calculator
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